17Days Music is a songwriter, producer and mixer management company founded in 2017.

At its helm is Lucy Francis whose time in music spans over 18 years and includes experience in artist, writer and producer management and records and publishing A&R.

The company is founded on the belief that one song can change everything and we believe our roster has the skill to deliver that song start to finish.


What Song Changed Everything?

Jessica Agombar

Dan Parry
“It was the first record I received a proper credit on. That was the moment I knew I wanted to mix records.”

Jonny Lattimer
“A lot of Motown songs are the perfect templates for songwriting but for me especially this one. It had everything I didn’t know I wanted in a song and made me want to work out why it’s so powerful”

Rich Cooper
“It made me want to play in a band.”

Simon Aldred
“This song gave me knowledge that is was possible to write something with depth and a message that was neither ‘preachy’ or imperious, it took me 3 hours to write but 10 years of living to be able to express it in a way that didn’t feel heavy handed. It’s ultimately about kindness which I still believe is the purpose of life.
Aside from the song itself, it rewarded me with all manner of opportunities and set out my mission statement in terms of future writing; to write pop music both with purpose and substance that could make a difference to the life of the listener however small that may be.”